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The reality today, you can download product data from the web, tweak and personalized it to your own preference and have this information sent to desktop machine that will fabricated it for you on the spot. This is the whole new way to make physical object – personalized just for you.

3D printing is a very powerful technology. With this 3D printing technology, the power of creation is now in your hand.

You imagine it – you can create it.

3D printing

3D printing technology is not new. The 1st 3D printer unveils 3 decades ago. It primarily used in recent years to create prototype rather than mass manufactured.  But the technology is improving. The materials are getting stronger and the cost is plummeting, making 3D printer accessible to all consumer.

The US President Obama mentions it in his last state of the union address, “…new workers are mastering the 3D printing that has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything.”

All kind of things that are meaningful maybe only to you now can be design on your computer. If everybody has the access to manufacturing, they will start making products that they care about.

3D printers may have been considered a novelty just two years ago, but the technology has become increasingly prominent not just in manufacturing — as a way to actually produce physical products — but also as a neat marketing tool for brands.

Clients are incorporating 3D printing into their branding efforts in various ways, some fun and gimmicky and some quite useful. For example, on one end of the spectrum we recently saw an effort out of Israel for Coca-Cola that used 3D printing in a contest that created consumer mini-me’s. On the other end was a Belgian insurance brand that leveraged the technology to solve one of its customers’ most annoying problems. For more on these and other interesting efforts check out our below roundup.

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Check this slide below for simple explaination on Personal 3D printing.


Watch this video to get the idea of how 3D printing will change the world.

People use 3D printer for all sort of things. In term of environment, researcher using 3D printer that can print a concrete replacement part of the Great Barrier Reef that been damage. The scientist find the area of damage, make CAD replica of those damage area print them in concrete and place them in the damage area to provide home for coral and fish as a starting point for development of new reef.

The 3D printing technology gives everybody the opportunity to create anything that they can imagine. In the future, we are going to see a lot more people unleashed their unlimited creativity and it will be exciting to watch…



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